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The S33HNNA-RNVM-00 is a servo motor in the S Motor Series by Pacific Scientific. This efficient motor is known for its innovative design, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The continuous torque of the S33HNNA-RNVM-00 is 5.3 Nm, peaking at 15.3 Nm. Its viscous damping coefficient is 0.047 Nm/cost-effective, and it has a moment of inertia of 0.48 kgm3 x10-3. Additionally, its peak static friction is 0.17 Nm. The motor, which weighs around 6.5 kgs, has a thermal resistance of 0.870C/A and a thermal time constant of 27 minutes. The S33HNNA-RNVM-00 exhibits a continuous current at standstill of 3.5 A, a voltage constant of 0.94 V/kRPM, and a torque constant of 1.5 Nm/A. The motor’s current at peak torque is 12.3 A. This device has a line to line resistance estimated to be 5.2 Ohms and inductance (line to line) of about 17 mH. Under a DC bus voltage of 320 V and an AC voltage of 240V, the typical rated torque and speed are 4.7 Nm and 1500 RPM respectively. However, at a DC bus voltage of 640V and an AC voltage of 480V, the typical rated torque is 3.6 Nm and the typical rated speed increases to 3900 RPM. Overall, the S33HNNA-RNVM-00 motor offers versatile performance characteristics that are easily adjustable to meet unique application needs.

S33HNNA-RNVM-00 by Pacific Scientific is a Brushless Servo Motor in the S Series. The S33HNNA-RNVM-00 features a Frame Size/Stack Length of NEMA 34/3 Stack and a Holding Brake Option of No Brake. This Brushless Servo Motor also has a Size 21 Frameless Resolver for Primary Feedback and a Secondary Feedback of No Secondary. Additional specifications include a NEMA Frame for Shaft & Mounting and a Motor mounted MS Connector for Terminations.

Revision Part #:

Manufacturer Pacific Scientific
Product Type Servo Motor
Model S33HNNA-RNVM-00
Continuous Torque 5.3 Nm
Peak Torque 15.3 Nm
Viscous Damping Coefficient 0.047 Nm/cost-effective
Moment of Inertia 0.48 kgm3 x10-3
Peak Static Friction 0.17 Nm
Weight 6.5 kgs
Thermal Resistance 0.870C/A

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