HMD Series

The HMD Series is a new generation of motion control drives by Bosch Rexroth Indramat, known for their accuracy, safety, and energy-efficiency. They are highly versatile and customizable double axis inverters, with diverse power options that can be run through power supply units or converters, providing essential DC bus voltage for their operation.

Part # Description Stock Level
HMD01.1N-W0012The HMD01.1N-W0012 is a Drive Controller in the HMD Series. It is composed of high-quality industrial materials and is utilized for single and multi-axis drives and control tasks.Available, Call For Quote
HMD01.1N-W0012-A-07-NNNNThe HMD01.1N-W0012-A-07-NNNN is a power section in the HMD Series. It operates with a DC Bus voltage ranging from 254V to 750V and has an effective current rating of 12A along with a DC bus nominal voltage rating of 700VDC.Available, Call For Quote
HMD01.1N-W0020The HMD01.1N-W0020 is an inverter in the HMD Series. It is capable of operating two motors independently and discharges voltage exceeding 33 volts.Available, Call For Quote
HMD01.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNNThe HMD01.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN is a Double Axis Inverter in the HMD Series. It features an integrated internal blower, two independent outputs, and a peak current of 20 Amps.Available, Call For Quote
HMD01.1N-W0036The HMD01.1N-W0036 is a Power Section in the HMD Series. It has a peak current rating of 36A at a 4kHz frequency.Available, Call For Quote
HMD01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNNThe HMD01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN is a Power Section in the HMD Series. It has a continuous output current of 13A at 8kHz and 20A at 4kHz.Available, Call For Quote