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The EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU is a Permanent Magnet Direct Current (PMDC) Motor in the line of motors by Pacific Scientific. Manufactured to offer robustness and high performance, this PMDC motor features anti-cog magnets, class H insulation, and a resilient fused commutator. It also incorporates a polyester impregnated armature to maintain both mechanical and electrical integrity. Catering to user convenience, the motor is equipped with a large, easily accessible wiring compartment that holds the conduit box. The EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU also make use of constant force brush springs that are highly durable and equipped with replaceable brushes. An additional element that can be attached to the EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU is the Tachometer Adapter Kit. This kit is particularly beneficial as it offers a visual indication of the motor speed, either through an electronic control or a direct readout. As the motor is capable of achieving and maintaining a wide array of rotational speeds, this permits users to preserve a desired speed setting with consistency. The Tachometer Adapter Kit also comes with detailed instructions for hassle-free assembly, usage, and mounting. The Tachometer Adapter can effectively operate with a number of tachometer models such as the GE, Servo-Tek, and Baldo. These tachometers can be conveniently affixed to the adapter, enabling users to closely monitor and optimize their motor usage. With over 80 years of experience, the EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU by Kollmorgen exemplifies prime motor performance and reliable drive technology. The high efficiency and durability put this PMDC motor ahead of other industry counterparts, a testament to Kollmorgen's expertise and innovations in the realm of motion control technology. The EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU, like all Kollmorgen motors, can be customized to suit specific needs and requirements of machine builders.

EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU by Pacific Scientific is a motor in the PMDC Series. The EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU features a 56C NEMA Frame and a Current (Amps) of 13.4. This Permanent Magnet DC Motor also has a Current (Peak/A) of Factory Assigned and a Torque Constant (lb-in./A) of 1.02. Additional specifications include a TENV Enclosure and a Inertia (lb-in.) of 4.

Revision Part #:

EP3624 2757 7 56BC CUEP36242757756BCCU
Manufacturer Pacific Scientific
Product Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Model EP3624-2757-7-56BC-CU
Optional Accessories Tachometer Adapter Kit
Tachometer Compatibility GE, Servo-Tek, Baldo tachometers
Range of Speeds Variable; can maintain a desired speed

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